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Floating is the solution for so many people

Our custom floatation rooms provide your body an environment to relax, recover and reset with your float practive. With minimal stimulus to your senses, the body can heal itself on many different levels, which is why floatation benefits so many people. These unique environments create a space where you are completely undisturbed, allowing your mind to unplug and your body to focus its energies inward to soothe pain, speed recovery, and increase overall wellness. 


Explore some of the reasons people float

"Floating is a unique experience! Wow, what can I say? When I'm done, I feel much more centered, my back hurts less and I feel as if I've gotten a full nights rest. At times I find I disappear without realizing it, until I feel like I'm dreaming awake. It's relaxing and great for meditation.  Highly recommend it!"   - Seth S., Philadelphia

How to reap the most benefits from Floatation Therapy


Many clients experience profound benefits from just one float. That said, every individual is different, and factors such as lifestyle, stress level, health and even diet can greatly impact how a float practice evolves.  For this reason, we urge clients to allow for at least three floats initially, to allow themselves the opportunity to adjust to the experience fully, and make the deepest connection during the practice. For clients serious about exploring the benefits of float therapy, floating 2-3 times a month for 2-3 months, is a great way to kick off your float practice. Many clients float weekly, especially those with higher stress levels, chronic pain, or intense athletic regimens. However, plenty of our floaters have seen great results from just 1-2 floats / month for 4-6 months. 

Typically, clients who have 10 floats under their belt, done within one of the frequencies suggested above, should be able to to see how floating has positively impacted their lives. At that point, as a seasoned floater, one can listen to their inner voice and body to gauge exactly how to proceed with their practice. We suggest 1-2 floats / month as a wonderful way to maintain. Some clients decide to take breaks in their float practice, returning to the float at a greater intensity when they feel they need relief. We often hear the rational that idividuals may be too busy, their lives too hectic to make time to practice. It is our belief, that it is in these "chaos" moments of our lives, where floating is needed the most: to manage stress, to gain clarity, and to keep our bodies the  appropriate rest.

We believe wholeheartedly, in fact we know personally, that floating can be a life changing practice. The decision to start your float practice could be one of the best decisions ever.

How Often Should I Float?
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