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Yoga at Home

Wellness Services

Services to help you think clearer, breathe easier, and feel better.

Pathways Rest Station

Sound Healing

Enjoy a deeply relaxing sound healing session as you listen to Theta state inducing binaural beats. These relaxing frequencies dance through your mind and your body concurrently, as the soothing beats massage your body, and offer respite from life's mental and physical stresses. 

Sessions are 25 or 50 minutes and members always get 50% off. 

Infrared Sauna


You and up to two friends are invited to enjoy the healing benefits of deep penetrating full-spectrum infrared heat during your private, 30 minute session.

Benefits include: pain relief, decreased inflammation, boosted immunity, deep relaxation improved mood, quicker athletic recovery, better sleep and sweat detox.

We recommend clients use the sauna prior to

floating when booking services together.


Salt Therapy Session

Halo Salt Therapy

You don't need to journey down the shore to breath in the healing properties of salty air. The impact of a 20 minute session in our top-of-the-line Halo Salt Therapy Booth is profound, with benefits such as relief from allergies, asthma, COPD, and other respiratory issues, improved sleep, antiseptic benefits for respiratory health, as well as help with acne and other skin conditions.

Oxygen Bar

Now Available!

Whether you are nursing a hangover or looking for a quick energy boost, breathing in purified oxygen is a sure-fire way to feel better fast. Other potential benefits include: Mood Boost, Improved concentration and sports performance, reduced stress, headache and migraine relief, and better sleep.

We are Philadelphia's Go-To For Relaxation and Self-Care

Think of us when you ask "Where can I relax in Philadelphia?"

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