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Floating During Pregnancy

Floatation Therapy is not only safe during pregnancy, but it has numerous benefits for expectant mothers. The resulting weightlessness and relief on achy joints and muscles, along with reduced swelling and restorative rest achieved during the float, provides mind and body rejuvenation for moms-to-be. The body hugging solution supports the natural supine curve of the spine, completely eliminating pressure from head do toe. Additionally, the womblike nature of the tank provides the space for an incredible bonding experience with their unborn child; as clients float, they mirror their child's float in their womb. Some have even reported hearing their child’s heartbeat as well as their own.

Most doctors have no concerns about pregnant women floating during the second and third trimester, however, as with most new activities, it’s recommended to check with your physician before your first float while pregnant. 

Check out this story from our friends at Regenerate Float Center in MD.

There are tons of benefits of Floatation Therapy for Pregnant Woman, such as:

-Relief from body discomfort

-Creates an intimate experience between mother and child

-Stabilizes mood

-Promotes rest and relaxation

-Improves Sleep

-Magnesium is absorbed transdermally

-Reduced swelling and inflammation

-Relieves tension and pressure throughout the body

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