"Floating allows your mind to unplug, your body to heal, and gives way to finding inner balance. Everyone can benefit from giving their brain and body a rest from physical and mental stress. At its core, that is what Floatation Therapy is - rest in its purest form. And if you're willing to commit to a float practice, it can change your life."

- Keri McGinn, Owner and Founder of Halcyon Float

The Float Experience

Retreat to your own private float suite, complete with a luxurious shower, where you begin your floatation practice by washing away the outside world, in preparation to enter the serene float room. Upon stepping foot in the custom built float room, you will be welcomed by the warm, silky Epsom Salt solution. The solution has almost 1300 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in just ten inches of water, resulting in a density that allows you to float like a cork. As you surrender to the zero-gravity effect, and allow the salty water to softly support your body along it's natural supine curve, pressure is released in all joints, and muscles relax like never before. When you are ready to begin the sensory deprivation aspect of the practice, turn the lights and music off, and allow the skin temperature solution to ease way the physical sensation of your body.

After about 30 minutes free from all external stimuli, the  immune system improves as a result of stress reduction, your heart rate slows and blood pressure lowers. Your brain waves slow down clicking you into the dreamlike theta state, allowing extreme clarity of thought for creative endeavors, problem solving, and enhanced learning. These effects last through the duration of you 90-minute session, and can continue for days, even weeks, post-float. Floating speeds healing and recovery from activity or injury, detoxifies the body and reduces cortisol levels. Floating even helps with depression and addiction. Every single human on earth can benefit from a regular float practice. 

"I highly recommend! The facilities are fantastic; the float tanks have high ceilings so they feel very spacious and open, the lighting is inviting and warm, and everything is clean, quiet, and exactly what you need to relax. We had a great time and will definitely be back!"   - Jenna E., Philadelphia

Floating in the Mainstream 



Sensory Deprivation completely releases all ties from the outside world. During a sensory deprivation session, the brain relaxes into theta state, and endorphins are released into the bloodstream, reducing pain and fatigue. The resulting increased levels of serotonin an dopamine also promote a general sense of well-being and happiness to further reduce stress and tension. Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are reduced in the bloodstream by way of various body messages, receptor site activity, and organ processes. Combined, these positive effects of sensory deprivation help reduce the risks of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, all while decreasing anxiety and promoting a more harmonious mood and overall feeling of balance and wellness. 

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