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Halcyon Floats, Philadelphia's Favorite Float Center, is excited and proud to introduce the benefits of floating to the community. While years in the making, Halcyon Floats was established in early 2014, opening on March 1st in Northern Liberties. Keri, the owner, was introduced to floatation therapy while visiting a friend in Portland, OR in 2011.  Commence obsessive mission to bring this amazing relaxation technique to the great people of Philadelphia, culminating in the place our city's floaters now call home, Halcyon Floats.


Definition of Halcyon

With a welcoming and knowledgeable staff, we provide the best, most relaxing experience to our customers. Our Halcyon Floats staff consists of float enthusiasts, all of whom were clients before they joined the team. We all know the benefits of floating first hand, we look forward to seeing your before and after transformation, and we always want to hear about your experience. So please, feel free to tell us about it. We have a journal in our relaxation area as well, so you can write it all down, or read the post-float reflections of others!




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Meet the Owner

Keri McGinn

Meet the Owner: Keri McGinn

Meet the Owner: Keri McGinn

Watch Now

"I want to introduce you to Keri Rakickas, Owner of Halcyon Floats, Philadelphia’s very first float spa! What is floating you might ask? Well, simply put: you get into a giant tank and float weightlessly in a bath of 800 pounds of Epsom salts!....."

"As such, we are thrilled to announce that Little Baby’s Ice Cream was recently invited to participate in an artist exchange program by Halcyon Floats: the first sensory deprivation tank spa, or Float Spa that Philadelphia has seen in a long, long time..."

"Floating is quickly becoming a popular alternative to tune-out, making a strong emergence along the old standbys of exercise, yoga and meditation..."

"Today couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for my first float experience. I had heard about Halcyon from my trainer, Erik. We’ve both got our aches and pains from injuries and we both want to continue doing what we do,which means recovery is key..."

"The water in the tank is about 12 inches deep, and contains 800 pounds of epsom salts. It's saltier than the Dead Sea. Anyone will float in it. The water is also close to body temperature. The tank itself is soundproofed and pitch-black..."​

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