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Float Therapy Helps With Injury Recovery

Floatation therapy provides a natural healing experience for people seeking pain relief from physical activities and minor to severe injuries. Floatation therapy is commonly used to treat pinched nerves, pulled and achy muscles, knee injuries and many other physical injuries.The body temperature epsom salt bath at Halcyon Floats relieves the pressure from the muscles and allows your body to heal and your mind to completely relax. Making floatation therapy an essential part of your healing regimen will help improve performance and promote a fast recovery.

Floating can help speed Injury Recovery, here's how:

-Transdermal absorption of magnesium

-Takes all pressure off the joints

-Eases muscle tension

-Reduces swelling and inflammation

-Allows for stretching in a zero gravity environment

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Float Therapy Can Reduced Inflammation

The body may sometimes overuse inflammation in order to defend itself, which can actually impede the healing process. Floatation treatment lowers inflammation throughout the body to help jumpstart whole-body healing while immersed in the tank.


Float Therapy Helps With Muscle Relaxation

Your muscles can unwind completely as a result of this suspension. This relaxation aids in the removal of tension from your body, preventing it from healing properly. Healing may be solely focused on as a result of this suspension and release of muscular strain. The Epsom salts in the reservoirs aid with this. They also assist stimulate protein production in joints as an added benefit.


Float Therapy Heightens Awareness of Senses

Athletes report increased awareness of all their senses while floating, without being overwhelmed by stimuli. This enables them to focus better and apply mental training more effectively. It also allows athletes to detect any previously unknown body issues that they may have overlooked–and fix them before they become serious enough to affect their performance.


Float Therapy Helps Improve Circulation

Floatation therapy helps improve your blood flow, allowing your body to conquer fatigue quickly. As a result of a quick, full recovery, you can be back to training without risking injury.

These are just some of the benefits floatation therapy can have for athletes recovering from injury. Curious about trying out a Flotation Therapy? Come see visit us in Center City Philadelphia.

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