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Halcyon Floats is proud to be one of the handful of Floatation Therapy Studios featured in the ground-breaking documentary, FLOAT: A Documentary About Floatation Therapy.

As one of the first float studios on the East Coast and the first in Philly since the early 90's, Halcyon Floats has been offering healing through Sensory Deprivation Therapy (AKA Floatation Therapy) to Philadelphia and the surrounding areas for more than 5 years.

We were so honored to have been a part of this project that features both of our shops, as well as a few of our success stories. This amazing Documentary has been years in the making and will do wonders to educate the masses on the extremely positive impact Floatation Therapy can have on the lives of individuals struggling with physical, emotional and mental hardship.

Check out the trailer below! This Documentary is set to be released Fall 2019!


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