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Float Therapy Benefits For Sleep

Clients struggle with insomnia, erratic sleeping habits and even jet lag, for a number of reasons ranging from anxiety to diet. Floatation therapy, or Sensory Deprivation Therapy, has been shown to address many factors that play a role in unhealthy sleep patterns, enabling clients who float regularly, to form regular sleep patterns, as well as reach deeper levels of rest resulting in more restorative sleep.

Floating can completely reset your sleep patterns and restfulness, here's how:

- Decreases cortisol levels

- Maintains healthy levels of the GABA neurotransmitter

- Promotes muscle relaxation 

- Balances magnesium deficiency

Epsom Salt Soak
Float Tank Philadelphia

Floatation Therapy Benefits for Insomnia

You may be able to fall asleep more easily if you have float sessions set up on a regular basis. The sensory deprivation tank experience, which is available in saltwater pods, has been known to help people achieve deep relaxation. In turn, the practice of sleeping in a saltwater pod can help you sleep better and regulate your sleep schedule. Furthermore, during rest therapy in the tank, delta and theta brainwaves rise at lower frequencies, suggesting that they aid in a deeper sleep.

If you visit our floating studio to help with sleep issues, our float therapy sessions may offer additional benefits of lowering levels of stress and anxiety, decreasing depression, and relief from pain.


Floating Tank Therapy for Sleep Management

Once you try a float tank to fall asleep faster, you should consider incorporating the practice into your regular wellness routine. Our floating wellness studio offers evening hours which may further assist with improving your sleep patterns. With the right combination of non-chemical sleep aids at your disposal, you can gain peace of mind surrounding your healthy life choices, as well as the opportunity to achieve quality, uninterrupted rest.

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