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Flotation Therapy For Chronic Pain 

Floatation therapy provides a zero-gravity environment that allows your body to relieve tension. This practice is often used as a natural pain relief method. Floating in epsom salt will allow your body to absorb magnesium sulfate and release toxins. This process can help those experiencing pain feel physical relief.


Naturally occurring minerals in epsom salt, magnesium and sulfate, have proven to work wonders for those experiencing a wide variety of painful problems. Magnesium can help reduce inflammation and help improve muscle and nerve function. Sulfate works to help ease muscle pains and headaches while helping build healthy joints.

Clients struggling with acute and chronic pain are finding effective and natural pain relief as a result of floatation therapy. Many of our current clients who practice regularly, do so to help treat their pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even migraines.

Floating can provide profound relief from physical pain, here's how :

-Reduces inflammation

-Relieves tension from joints

-Transdermal absorption of magnesium

- Increased dopamine and serotonin production

-Zero gravity environment, supports your body along it's natural supine curve, taking pressure from lower back

Floating For Muscle Tension 

Floating may be excellent for reducing muscular tension pain! Individuals who have tight muscles can reap true comfort in the float tank thanks to the buoyancy of the Epsom salt solution.

The scientific evidence backs up the numerous firsthand reports we hear from our clients' float reviews on a daily basis: in one research, persons with neck and back problems reported reduced pain intensity after floating, as well as an improvement in optimism and sleep quality.

Floating For Chronic Pain

The therapeutic value of floating is supported by a growing number of studies on the benefits of hydrotherapy for pain treatment. Floating is an organic and alternative pain therapy option that's gaining momentum. The advantage of visiting a floating studio as part of your chronic pain treatment is that you won't experience any unpleasant physical consequences from the treatments, as you would when taking pain medication.

Instead, as your body becomes weightless during a float session, complete-body relaxation is achieved, allowing physical tensions and strains to relieve. Also, being weightless allows you to relax fully, which results in a mental calmness that may allow you to focus your attention away from your pain - which is another advantage of this type of therapeutic technique.

Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST), also known as "Floating for Pain Relief," has been found in studies to reduce severe pain in floaters and improve other conditions, such as:

  • Reduced levels of anxiety and depression

  • Elevation in optimistic outlooks

  • Ability to fall asleep faster - especially for nighttime floaters

Floating For Headaches & Migraines

Floating can provide comfort during a difficult, unhappy existence. Research indicates that floating may help with headaches! A combination of floatation REST and muscular relaxation methods was found in one study to outperform other therapies when treating chronic tension headaches.


The float tank's high magnesium content—which is due to the concentration of Epsom salt in the water—could help migraine sufferers, since magnesium is thought to be an effective treatment for this condition.

Floating For Arthritis

Arthritis pain is often linked to the joints, which can make it difficult to participate in a variety of daily activities. While floating isn't a cure for arthritis, it has been found to decrease osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain intensity. Floating may alleviate pressure and tension on the joints, allowing arthritis sufferers immediate physical alleviation due to its weightless environment.

Floating is quite possibly beneficial for you or a loved one if you or they have persistent pain of any kind, according to scientific study. We provide a discount for the first-time floater and have monthly and bi-monthly membership options to make floating part of a regular chronic pain treatment regimen more affordable.

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