Pain Relief

Floatation therapy provides a zero-gravity environment that allows your body to relieve tension. This practice is often used as a natural pain relief method. Floating in epsom salt will allow your body to absorb magnesium sulfate and release toxins. This process can help those experiencing pain feel physical relief.


Naturally occurring minerals in epsom salt, magnesium and sulfate, have proven to work wonders for those experiencing a wide variety of painful problems. Magnesium can help reduce inflammation and help improve muscle and nerve function. Sulfate works to help ease muscle pains and headaches while helping build healthy joints.

Clients struggling with acute and chronic pain are finding effective and natural pain relief as a result of floatation therapy. Many of our current clients who practice regularly, do so to help treat their pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, and even migraines.

Floating can provide profound relief from physical pain, here's how :

-Reduces inflammation

-Relieves tension from joints

-Transdermal absorption of magnesium

- Increased dopamine and serotonin production

-Zero gravity environment, supports your body along it's natural supine curve, taking pressure from lower back

Epsom Salt for Float Tanks in Philadelpia
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