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7 Ways To Ensure The Best Sensory Deprivation Float Tank Experience

The concept of float therapy has evolved into one of the fastest growing wellness trends in the United States since it was first put into practice within the last century.

But, how do you have the best experience possible while in the float tank?

The key is finding a tank and practice that you feel comfortable with. Floatation is a relaxing experience and each person is an individual. Some of our clients like our smaller float tanks with light and sound completely off to truly get a sense of full sensory deprivation. Others enjoy our larger tank with ambient lighting and sound to provide them with a little bit of sense while also benefitting from other float practice benefits.

We want to make sure when you are here in our Philly float studio that you leave more relaxed than how you walked in. To do that, here are some of our suggestions to have the BEST experience while floating!

Halcyon Floats float tank in Fishtown Philadelphia. Tank door is open with blue light inside.

7 Things to Do For Using Sensory Deprivation Float Tank:

If you were calling us to book an appointment, here are a few things we would tell you on the phone if you asked the question, "How can I have the best float experience imaginable?!

  1. Stay hydrated before and after your float session. Drink plenty of water!

  2. Make sure you use the restroom before getting into the Sensory Deprivation Float Tank. No one can really relax with a full bladder.

  3. Eat a light meal before your float session. Your stomach rumbling can take you out of the meditative state you are in and make you aware of the fact that you are hungry.

  4. If you are pregnant or have any other medical conditions, please consult with your doctor before using the Sensory Deprivation Float Tank.

  5. Avoid anything that can take away from sensory deprivation such as contacts, jewelry, and anything you may be able to "notice" or that will touch you while floating.

  6. Do your best to relax. Each float session may feel different depending on what has happened in your day. Take the time to breathe, relax, and clear your mind as best as possible. With any sort of meditative state, the goal is not to shut down the mind, but not key into the thoughts as much as you can.

  7. Allow yourself time to readjust once you leave the float tank. Take time to relax (we have couches and tea!), rehydrate, and take account of your senses.

Again, each person is different and if you are new to floating or this is your 50th float (good for you!) your pre-float and post-float may differ. We want to offer guidance and education to ensure our clients feel comfortable asking questions and practicing their float therapy.

If you want to extend your Zen, consider adding on an infrared sauna session or continue to relax with our sound healing station as well.

Sound healing binaural beats at Halcyon Floats in Philadelphia PA. Healing station is in darkened room with weighted blanket and pillow.

If you have any questions or concerns about using the Sensory Deprivation Float Tank, please consult with our staff members. We would be more than happy to help you out and answer any questions that you may have. We hope that you have a great Sensory Deprivation Float Tank experience.

Float therapy is a safe, relaxing way to improve your physical and mental state. Enjoy your next float at Halcyon Floats. Find us on Front Street in Fishtown!


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