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Join our Float Practice Program and 
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Halcyon Floats is Philadelphia's Premier Float Center!  Established in 2014, we are Philly's longest-tenured and most experienced resource for sensory deprivation, or Floatation Therapy, helping thousands of clients from the city and beyond to:

  • Increase recovery and healing

  • Take control of their anxiety and stress levels

  • Find natural and effective relief for acute and chronic pain

  • Regain focus and enhance cognitive function

  • Break negative habits

  • Achieve a deeper level of mindfulness

  • Improve mood and overall quality of life


If you'd like to explore all the ways floating can help you feel better, you will not find a more knowledgable staff, comfortable environment, or client focused Float Therapy Center in Philly! Our mission is to help you RELAX, RECOVER, and RESET. Are you ready?


FLOATING, or Sensory Deprivation Therapy, is a relaxation and healing practice that involves restricting sensory input to achieve a deepened meditative state and pain relief. Our custom float rooms are filled with 10 inches of a highly concentrated Epsom salt water solution. The density that results from almost 1300lbs of epsom salt makes you completely buoyant as the healing solution supports your entire body along it's natural supine curvature; you're weightless in the float. The solution is skin sensor neutral, about 93.5 to 95.5 degrees, so you lose physical sensation of your own body, including aches and pains you may be use to feeling. The float spaces are sound-proof and quiet, lights can be turned off to achieve the perfect environment to rest the senses. Within the first thirty minutes of your float, you notice a dramatic drop in your stress level and an increase in your overall serenity, as the Epsom Salt solution works to heal and detox your body, and the floating position releases tension and pressure from your joints and muscles. 


Halcyon Floats Office in PA


Inside Halcyon Floats float tank in Philadelphia float studio. Tank is dark with blue light.


Woman putting hands behind her back in prayer pose. She is wearing a grey tank top.


Nervous about your first time floating?

You don't really know how to prepare?

No problem, we're here to help!

Floating is a practice and our pricing and packages are designed with your goals in mind. 

Understand how incorporating Floatation Therapy into your lifestyle can change your everyday experiences for the better!

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