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What Athletes Know About Floating Therapy That You Don't

Athletes who practice numerous sports utilize float therapy for its wide range of benefits. Floating tanks can help with recuperation after an intense competition, but float sessions can also assist with quicker recovery between training sessions. It allows athletes to get back to perfect condition much quicker than they normally would. In addition, floating regularly can help boost focus, and visualization tactics to improve your sports performance.

What is Floating?

FLOATING, or Sensory Deprivation Therapy, is a relaxation and healing practice that involves restricting sensory input to achieve a deepened meditative state and pain relief. Our custom float rooms are filled with 10 inches of a highly concentrated Epsom salt water solution. The density that results from almost 1300lbs of epsom salt makes you completely buoyant as the healing solution supports your entire body along its natural supine curvature; you're weightless in the float. The solution is skin sensor neutral, about 93.5 to 95.5 degrees, so you lose physical sensation of your own body, including aches and pains you may be used to feeling. The float spaces are sound-proof and quiet, lights can be turned off to achieve the perfect environment to rest the senses. Within the first thirty minutes of your float, you notice a dramatic drop in your stress level and an increase in your overall serenity, as the Epsom Salt solution works to heal and detox your body, and the floating position releases tension and pressure from your joints and muscles.

What do athletes get out of floating that the average person is not aware of?

  • To reduce lactic acid: This is one of the many benefits of an Epsom salt-filled tank, which is infused with magnesium sulfate. The zero gravity component of floating also works to lower lactic acid levels in the blood.

  • Quicker training recovery: The act of lactic acid reduction can speed up the body’s recovery between workouts, which provides a more efficient training experience. Additionally, floating tanks reduce tension in the body, which assists with injury prevention.

  • To boost focus: Salt water therapy in a float tank can allow you to detach from scattered thoughts, and instead, improve your focus and visualization strategies to prepare for future competitions. Strengthening your concentration is also one of the main benefits experienced during meditation, which is a common goal of athletic floaters, thanks to the refuge of the float pod.

  • Injury recovery: The weightless relaxation takes the pressure off your body, while the Epsom salt goes to work building protein in your joints and rejuvenating sore muscles. The salt therapy can also provide a natural pain reliever in the form of endorphins, and the enriched waters may have the ability to heal injuries up to twice as fast.

  • Sounder sleep: Regular float center visits can help athletes disconnect from the pressure of sports performance and achieve a more relaxed state to gain the rest needed for proper athletic recovery. In fact, a float session can allow your body to physically rest up to four times faster than sleeping in a bed.

  • To relieve stress: Floatation is known to reduce stress hormones, like cortisol (which is released during exercise), and can help with calming both the mind and body.

From a Health Perspective:

Floating takes the pressure of gravity off joints and muscles and your body is put into a high state of physical relaxation. Blood pressure and oxygen intake reduce but at the same time blood flow and the distribution of red blood cells increases.

This speeds recovery from injury and helps flush any lactate, cortisone and adrenaline that may have built up through training or performance. Floating has been shown to loosen the muscles and give more control over your nervous system. This reduces the risk of injury during training or competition. Floating not only accelerates the recovery process, but releases vast quantities of endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

Modern training methods focus on helping the athlete to master the ‘inner game’ to develop the perfect synchronicity between mind, body and emotion, which is the hallmark of a champion. In the tank the athlete can reach the level of concentration necessary for visualization to have a quantifiable impact on his or her performance.

Physical exercise can cause a build of lactic acid, which is often experienced as pain and a cramping of the muscles. It has also been linked with feelings of depression known as ‘post-game let down’ which can also affect part-time joggers. Floating resets

Floating became a regular training tool for all sorts of athletes and it is being implemented into professional training regimens all over the world because of its ability to improve both physical and mental performance.

Floating isn’t amazing because athletes do it; athletes float because it’s amazing. Simple, inexpensive, natural and effective: Floating is a performance-enhancing experience for everyone.

Experience Floating For The First Time:

At Halcyon Floats, our custom floatation rooms provide your body an environment to relax, recover and reset with your float practive. With minimal stimulus to your senses, the body can heal itself on many different levels, which is why floatation benefits so many people. These unique environments create a space where you are completely undisturbed, allowing your mind to unplug and your body to focus its energies inward to soothe pain, speed recovery, and increase overall wellness. Book a Session Today!


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