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More Oxygen, Better Lifestyle: Oxygen Bar Philadelphia

At Halcyon Floats, one of our favorite (and newest) Wellness Services, we offer is oxygen inhalation at our o2 bar in Philadelphia. You will be able to not only relax in our comfy chairs and unwind but also get the valuable benefits that an oxygen bar can offer. Plus, we've got some really cool flavors when it comes to your oxygen bar experience for you to take in the relaxing and purifying scents!

You can also

easily pair your oxygen bar experience with one of our other wellness services such as floatation therapy, our infrared sauna, or even our sound healing station--all here in Fishtown, Philadelphia.

So, what are the main benefits of using an oxygen bar?

Some of the main claims of oxygen bar use include:

  • increased energy levels and concentration

  • improved mood

  • reduced stress and better sleep

  • provides pain relief for different types of headaches

Think of what you could do with this increased energy, pain relief, and relaxation!

Other benefits of Halcyon Floats oxygen bar:

  • Use of high-quality oxygen

Smog and pollution have made the air outside harder to breathe at times, especially in larger cities, and with the ability to get fresh and concentrated oxygen into your system, you are able to reap the many benefitted claims above that using an oxygen bar has to offer.

About oxygen therapy in Philadelphia:

We love the fact that we were able to add our oxygen bar to our offerings at Halcyon Floats because the connection between not only finding ways to relax but also incorporating natural and holistic ways to ensure peak performance in your body and mind are what we strive to provide to our clients and customers!

We draw our energy from oxygen. Without it, every function in the body would shut down. Almost all our energy and nutritional needs have oxygen involved in the processes involved with digesting and metabolizing food all the way to our daily energy levels.

Ironically, the daily oxygen levels we intake are only around 20% of the air we breathe, delivering less than optimal levels for both mental and physical peak performance in our lives. Our oxygen bar delivers an ideal level of oxygen to your system to take you to that peak performance.

Do you think taking 30 minutes out of your day to relax sounds great? Amazing! We think you are totally worth it and any chance you can take to feel better both physically and mentally is why we are here to help you at Halcyon Floats. Check out our Page on Oxygen Bar to book a session in Fishtown today!

Learn about our Total Wellness Package at our Philly wellness studio and book multiple wellness sessions and save some $$$ while you are at it!

Please consult your doctor before trying any wellness treatments.

Oxygen bar therapy at Halcyon Floats in Fishtown Philadelphia. Two white chairs are alongside the oxygen bar which includes four scents.


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