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Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) in Philadelphia - Health Benefits and Tips

We love providing services that can benefit the mind, body, and soul here in Philadelphia and our halotherapy or salt therapy is one great way to relax and also give your body some benefits as well.

Think of how you breathe better and also feel better when you are near the ocean, did you realize it may be because of the salt? This idea has been around for centuries of using salt to help with breathing and other ailments and we are here to provide this service to our Philadelphia float fam.

Beyond breathing, salt therapy also can help you relax and can benefit some skin conditions and allergies.

What Different Types of Salt Therapy Are There?

‌If you see that you salt booth or salt room is active or passive and aren't sure what these terms mean when you are booking a salt therapy session, here is a quick explanation:

  • Active salt rooms break down the salt into tiny particles that circulate in the therapy room through a fan.

  • ‌ Passive salt rooms are filled with different types of salts with controlled temperature settings.

For reference: Halcyon Floats is equipped with an Active Salt Room.

What To Expect During A Halotherapy Session at Halcyon Floats

  • Make yourself comfortable in our salt booth and wait for the salt to begin circulating

  • You can listen to music, read, meditate, or simply rest. We ask that you keep your phone outside.

  • You will notice a thin layer of salt but dusting off your clothes and washing them as well as taking a shower will eliminate any residual salt on your body.

What Are The Health Benefits of Halotherapy?

Salt therapy has been noted to provide some benefits to your health, especially respiratory health:

  • Salt can help clear up mucus from your airways

  • Salt is noted as being antibacterial

  • Salt is said to be anti-inflammatory

Does Halotherapy Have Any Risks?

Halotherapy can be done in unison with other modalities, such as yoga, float therapy, and meditation. Let your doctor know you want to try halotherapy for things such as allergies.

In addition, halotherapy is usually done in locations such as wellness clinics or health spas without trained medical staff to handle medical emergencies.

Book Your Halotherapy Session at Halcyon Floats

We can't wait to see you at Halcyon Floats. Make sure to book your halotherapy session online and we cannot wait to see you here in Fishtown, Philadelphia!

Salt therapy and halotherapy room at Halcyon Floats in Fishtown Philadelphia


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