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Halcyon Floats does date night

If you’re looking for a date night activity beyond the typical dinner and a movie, Halcyon Floats has a unique date idea for you. Have you heard of our couples float option?

Our Roxborough location offers large tanks that can allow two individuals to float simultaneously. Flotation provides the perfect stimuli-free experience to unplug and relax, and floating with another person allows you to enjoy the other's presence while releasing the pressures of everyday life. Give yourself and your partner a chance to alleviate your stresses together. What better way to spend a date night than winding down from the week’s frustrations?

We love offering this exclusive experience to our customers because floating with a significant other creates a deep connection. However, we suggest customers float on their own before taking on the couples float tank because it’s best for individuals to learn how their body will respond to floating on their own.

Couples use floating as a date night getaway from work, school and kids. We’ve even been told it’s better than couples therapy. Try it out and see what benefits flotation can bring your relationship.

Check out our couples float offer here.

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