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Halcyon Floats Resource List

Are you looking for additional healing services to compliment your float practice? Check out this list of fellow floaters, who are also on a mission to help you live your best life. Interested in joining the list, shoot us an email here.



Emily Capelli, MS


A Psychotherapist and Psychology professor practicing in East Falls, Philadelphia, Emily specializes in body shame, self-esteem, and trauma using an energizing, empathic, and hopeful approach. Her practice is named Body Love Therapy, where she works with other creatives to promote recovery that goes beyond symptom reduction



Meade Danielle Mueller, L.Ac.


Meade Danielle is a board certified acupuncturist whose practice is in Bucks County, PA. She treats various conditions ranging from chronic and acute pain to hormonal imbalances and infertility. Her practice has a strong focus on nutritional counseling to help people achieve and maintain optimal health.



Doren Day, L.Ac.


Doren specializes in relaxing acupuncture and acupressure, giving individual attention to each client, and helping with all kinds of stress-related illness. She is an expert at clearing energy blocks - you know that feeling where things just seem harder than they should be? It doesn’t have to be that way. Practicing 14 years and licensed in PA, CO and accredited nationally through NCCAOM.

Acupuncturist/Ritualistic Healer


Mel Puncture, MAc

Licensed Migraine Piercing Specialist & Ritual Art Practitioner

Stationed out of Deadline Tattoo Studio in Elkins Park, Pa, Mel started her journey in Holidstic Health and Alternative Medicine 11 years ago when her son suffered a neurological side effect (transient motor tic disorder) after a routine DTP vaccination. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture (MAc), but decided to completely adhere to non-westernized standards of practice, and instead treats the community by utilizing thousand year old ritualist arts techniques and shamanism. She is also the creator of Meowchemy Handmixed Healing Products.


267-415-6533 , for appointments



Dr. George Rhodes


Dr. George Rhodes' practice uses structural and tonal techniques to deliver specific chiropractic adjustments.  He also uses state-of-the-art technology certified by the Space Foundation to measure the effects of life-style stress on the nervous system and health. He is a member of the Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO), the Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania (CFoP), The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) and the Garden State Chiropractic Society.


Carlee Myers Headshot.jpg

Carlee Myers

Career Coach

Through coaching and creative exercises, Carlee has helped hundreds of  people across the country remedy burnout and build their dream career or business. Carlee specializes in employees who are wondering if a big career transition is right for them. These transitions can include but are not limited to promotions in and outside of the employee's current organization, transitioning industries or starting their very first company.



Perry O'Hearn

Fitness Coach

Perry O’Hearn is the owner of Philly Phitness, and KTL Phila. With a background in engineering and personal training -  he uses his analytical skills to help provide a roadmap / guidance to uncover and solve the root cause to people’s unhealthy lifestyles.



Matt Taylor

Massage Therapist & Health Coach

Matt Taylor is a Certified Natural Nutrition Coach, a Certified Essential Oil Coach & proud owner of The Taylored Touch Therapy Massage Studio in Center City Philadelphia since 2007. His passion for helping others work through physical pain & develop an understanding of their bodies is matched only by his love for educating and inspiring others about Natural Wellness. Six days a week, he can be found at his office on Locust Street.



Charles Scogna

Personal Trainer | ONNIT Steel Mace Specialist

Charles  is the Founder of Charge Performance and Wellness and has dedicated over half his life to fitness. He views fitness as an opportunity for humans to regain full capability of their bodies starting with understanding the body, piecing together essential movements, posture, coordination, and neuromuscular control and complexity to make the mind sharp and limitless in moving the body. Charles combines weightlifting, cardio, bodyweight and primal movements, club and mace training, breath work, spatial awareness and strength and conditioning tools like ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands and sleds to get the job done.  Expect a wide variety of movements and workouts! Charles is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Advanced Olympic Lifting Coach, a USA Track and Field Running Coach, a ONNIT Certified Steel Mace Specialist.​ 

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