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An Artist's Mind in the Float Tank

About twenty years ago I worked with this guy Thom R. He was the first person I knew, who also knew, about sensory deprivation in a float tank. We would talk about expanding our consciousness in different ways while restoring stained glass windows. Taking drugs, meditation, sensory deprivation, exercise and things like that. He thought about building his own tank and he really instilled in me the desire to try it for myself. It always seemed a bit far out, and I never thought I would be able to experience it. Floating for myself became a mythology to me, a dream. Questions arose and research was done and my desire to

experience it grew.

My name is Justin Tyner and I have been a working stained glass artist in Philadelphia since 1999. You might have seen my stained glass mandalas at both locations of Halcyon Floats. I value creativity before most things. It's not always easy to find your inner creativity. General moods and ever-changing environment can sometimes tamper your creative output. I