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Justin Tyner.

Philadelphia, PA // Stained Glass Artist
"A float is a map. A map of everything with all possible destinations and points of interest. There is not a choice in which direction your float takes you. Embrace the direction. Go past the direction. Find out why you're there. Or not there yet." -Justin Tyner
Justin Tyner was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and grew up in the wilds of the Pocono Mountains. Tyner eventually came to Philadelphia to study graphic design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and found himself designing concert posters for the Electric Factory. It was a job as an artist/construction worker that landed Tyner into the field of stained glass art. Tyner has learned firsthand the profound effects glass can have with light shining through and intensifying the colors. He finds the colors in handmade glass are especially beautiful and dynamic. “If you stand in front of a stained glass window you can feel that light, the warmth of it, shining inside your body, and that feeling can be a transformative one.”
Learn more about Justin Tyner and check out his book
"Psychedelic Rose Window Kaleidoscope": 
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