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Floating and Self-Awareness

As September closes, and leaves start to turn and fall, we begin to see the beauty of the sturdiness of trees. Stripped of the it's boastful leaves, the tree continues to grow strong, from the inside out, preparing for brighter days, with deeper roots and stronger bark. Aren't we all like the trees? Change is inevitable, the weather, unpredictable, and sometimes, we have to lose all our leaves, get to the basic core of who we are to grow stronger. With metaphors as heavy as this, it's no wonder September is Self-awareness month.

So, metaphors aside, what is Self-Awareness? According to Merrium-Webster, it is an awareness of one's own personality or individuality. It's important because knowing ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses, empowers us to build on positive aspects of who we are and make improvements where needed. This in-turn impacts our relationships and our environments, perpetuating personal growth, and often times creating a ripple of positivity as we forge our path. Some believe self-awareness is the key to happiness, and I would have a really hard time arguing against that.

At Halcyon Floats, we think the most effective and efficient way to know thyself, is to meet thyself in meditation, preferably in a float tank. With all the chatter of outside non-sense hushed, free from other's opinions, confused perceptions and just everyday stresses, floating in the stillness of the pitch dark, you get an eagle-eye view of the limitless potential that makes you, you. T