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Three Meditation Techniques To Practice While Floating

Three Meditation Techniques To Practice While Floating

Have you ever tried floating? It's an amazing experience that can help you relax and destress. And, it's a great opportunity to practice meditation! Float therapy not only provides physical relief, but also mental clarity. The float tank is an ideal environment in which floaters can calm their minds and reach a place of positivity with relaxation all day long! Due to minimal distraction from outside factors like noise or light during meditation sessions on floats. There are many different ways to meditate, so it's important to find a technique that works for you. Here are three popular techniques that you can try while floating:

Breath Focus:

Breath focus is the first and most basic of the three float tank meditation techniques. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath. As you breathe in, notice the cool air filling your lungs. As you exhale, feel your body relax. Continue to focus on your breath, and let all other thoughts fall away. If your mind wanders, simply bring your focus back to your breath. The breath is one way to help you connect with your feelings. When practicing in the float tank, take slow deep breaths through the nose and completely fill lungs with air before holding it for a few seconds while slowly exhaling all remaining oxygen from inside the body!

Body Relaxation:

Mindfulness can help you relax and protect your mind. Researchers found that integrative body-mind training is effective at changing brain architecture, which may prevent mental illness or promote health in general!

The second float tank meditation technique is progressive relaxation. Start by tensing and relaxing each muscle group in your body, beginning with your toes and working up to your head. As you tense each muscle group, breathe in deeply. As you relax the muscle group, breathe out. This float tank meditation technique is a great way to release any residual tension in your body and achieve complete relaxation.

Relieve Stress Through Visualization:

The third and final float tank meditation technique is visualization. Visualization meditation is a powerful tool to use when you are struggling with negative thoughts or feelings. The best way would be after doing either breath work, body awareness exercises and adding some visuals like light during your meditation session so that they can help focus attention away from what's going on inside us while also helping clear out any problems which might hold back progress in life! Start by picturing a peaceful environment, such as a beach or forest. Visualize every detail of this environment, from the sound of the waves crashing to the smell of the trees. As you focus on this peaceful environment, feel your body relax and let go of all stress and tension.

Practice A Float Tank Meditation Technique With Us:

Float tanks are an excellent way to reduce stress and promote relaxation. When you float in a tank, the Epsom salt solution allows your body to effortlessly float on the surface. This weightless environment combined with the lack of outside stimuli creates the perfect conditions for meditation. Halcyon Floats has become a trusted resource for float therapy in the greater Philadelphia area. Our award-winning “Center of Excellence” is located at 1314 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122. We’ve helped tens of thousands of clients improve their lifestyle.

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