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The Top Health Benefits of Sensory Deprivation

Woman laying down in floatation tank and practicing sensory deprivation therapy in black bathing suit.

We love offering our float tanks at Halcyon Floats and are grateful to all our float fam coming from Philadelphia PA, NJ, and the suburbs. So, we wanted to let anyone who is excited or curious about float therapy know the benefits that adding floatation to your self-care routine can have for your body and mind.

Plus, we love talking about float therapy and want everyone who walks into our home here in Fishtown to be as knowledgeable as they can be about the experience and benefits of floatation therapy.

What are the effects of sensory deprivation?

The water in a sensory deprivation tank is heated to the same temperature as the skin. This is purposely done so that you will not feel either the warm or cold of the water, allowing your senses not to be focused on whether the water is too hot or too cold.

You will either go into the tank without clothes on or in a bathing suit but please be advised to wear any bathing suit that will not distract you with strings or other objects because you want to be completely unbothered by any sensations. The Epsom salt in the floatation tank will allow you to float without keeping yourself up or any effort on your part. Lastly, you will be cut off from any light or sound to fall into a state of complete relaxation away from all stimuli!

What are the benefits of float therapy?

So, why would you want to slip into a sensory deprivation tank and float around for 30 minutes to an hour? Well, here are a few reasons.

  • A mental boost: Giving yourself that break from your day-to-day experiences can give you the time for your brain to take a step back and RELAX.

  • Stress./Depression./Anxiety disorders: Allowing your brain to be cut off from your daily questions of "What do I need to do?" to "What am I going to have for dinner," and even farther into the more existential parts of our inner monologue can give us that break in the constant "noise" of our day. This can help alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety symptoms by allowing your body AND mind to be at ease while in the sensory deprivation tank.

  • Better sleep: Connected to the idea of anxiety and stress, when you allow your body a simple hour and a half of rest (which is how long you will be in the tank at Halcyon Floats) you will give your body a way to "shut down" for a bit. This can help you both in the tank and also your relaxation techniques can be used outside when you are prepping for bed. Taking that time to detach from your day and wind down is key.

  • Pain relief: Giving your muscles and body a break in a tank where you are floating without effort can help with pain management and give your body a nice break from sitting on a chair, slouching, or standing for too long.

Remember, our body and mind need a break, and while we do live in a world that is go, go, go, our goal with float therapy here in Philly is to give yourself that space to relax, detach a bit, and reap the benefits of adding float therapy into your life!

Floatation tank in Philadephia PA for sensory deprivation. Tank door is open and shot of inside side of tank is visible.

How to reap the most benefits from Floatation Therapy

Many clients experience profound benefits from just one float. That said, every individual is different, and factors such as lifestyle, stress level, health, and even diet can greatly impact how a float practice evolves. For this reason, we urge clients to allow for at least three floats initially, to allow themselves the opportunity to adjust to the experience fully and make the deepest connection during the practice. For clients serious about exploring the benefits of float therapy, floating 2-3 times a month for 2-3 months, is a great way to kick off your float practice.

Many clients float weekly, especially those with higher stress levels, chronic pain, or intense athletic regimens. However, plenty of our floaters have seen great results from just 1-2 floats/month for 4-6 months.

At Halcyon Floats, we believe wholeheartedly, in fact, we know personally, that floating can be a life-changing practice. The decision to start your float practice could be one of the best decisions ever.

Love floating and want to add another modality of healing to your sessions? Look at some of our other options to increase the effects of your self-care, from our infrared sauna to our sound healing station--all here in Philadephia, waiting for you!


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