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I Float Away...

As children, we establish our definition of safety, and of happiness. Because our frame of reference for the harsh realities of life is limited, we also establish a rich and colorful dream world. In this place, our imaginations run wild. No idea seems wrong, and our potential is limitless.

Do you recall a dream from your childhood; one so powerful that you revisited it night after night? I certainly did. I used to dream that I had the ability to fly.

My fascination with the idea of effortlessly lifting off the ground to float above the clouds probably went deeper than most. I can remember having my “flying dream” for many years. It always went the same way.

I’m at my bedroom window, looking at the ground below with no fear of falling. With a gentle push, i am out in the night air... floating. For a few seconds, this weightless feeling is something to get used to. After a deep breath, I settle into it and realize how simple it is. I feel very powerful, and excited to really try out my new ability. Next, I’m flying above the roof of my house. Once I take it all in, I’m ready to pick up some speed. I fly across our front yard, close enough to feel the grass with my hands - and then shoot straight up into the sky, as far as the first layer of clouds. I stop just below a big dense white cloud, and pause for a second.