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Why My Mind is Like Wile E. Coyote

When I was twelve years old my mother was shot and her boyfriend at the time was murdered. I was in the house and, although I didn’t see the actual shooting, it was a terrifying experience. From that day on I struggled with night terrors for more than 10 years. After the incident I was taken to a therapist (or some sort of licensed professional) who informed my family I was just fine (I was not fine). From there I was raised highly religious and told that if I never sinned (or at least tried not to), read the bible and prayed like crazy everything would take care of itself. God would be there for me; he would help me with anything I needed.

Neither therapy or church helped me cope with the symptoms of my PTSD during those early years of my life. I remember crying and expressing desperation and frustration to a high school boyfriend about my night terrors, ‘If this is what sleeping is like I never want to sleep again.’ I contemplated taking pills to numb out my mind because being numb was most definitely better than experiencing trauma night after night and never getting any real rest.

After years of exploring healthy ways to cope with not much success, I discovered creative stress reduction, put it into practice and over time found my night terrors become more and more rare.

What is creative stress reduction?