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Therapy and the Float Tank

Therapy, like being in a float tank, is one of the few places where we only focus on our internal processes. As a therapist, I am constantly examining my process alongside my clients’ processes: what feelings are the client bringing up in me? What can I learn about myself through their struggles? How can I use the medicine I’ve gleaned from past experiences to help them?

Like each float session, each therapy session holds a completely new experience. I learn things about myself every hour from my therapist’s chair, and it is my hope that my clients do the same. Like being in the float tank, after a therapy session I discover new aspects to the world and leave an improved, aware person. My world becomes clearer, and I see things as they are, not as I want them to be. Awareness can be painful, but most births are. Anyone on a spiritual path knows that awareness of oneself leads to understanding and forgiveness of others.

Therapy is the one hour (or more) a client takes out of their week to simply reflect on who they are and how they can improve. We use a term in therapy that I also use when I am floating called the “here and now.” This is an observation of a process that is happening in the moment.