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Anita Float: A Float Tale by a Derby Girl

Many years ago, I sat in a local VFW at a roller derby fundraiser and had a fascinating conversation with a teammate about the float business she wanted to start in Philadelphia. I asked a million questions and expressed many doubts. My main concern was that I would probably be too claustrophobic and my ADD would interfere with my ability to relax and truly enjoy the benefits of sensory deprivation. I wasn’t completely dismissive because I was curious about the restorative benefits that were explained, especially how floating can enhance muscle recovery. Since I play a contact sport 2-3 times a week and experience muscle aches and joint pains on a regular basis, I was willing to try to risk feeling anxious and distracted if it would help heal my body. But once Keri started Halcyon floats I had a bunch of excuses for not scheduling an appointment, mostly not being able to find the time. I had always intended on eventually scheduling a float, but never got around to it. Several of my teammates

gone and really enjoyed it, reported that it helped them feel better, and had wonderful things to say about the experience, but it still sat on the list of things I’d eventually get around to doing.

Photographer: @CorrineRyanPhotography.