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CJ Sapong: Float Goals and The Sacred Seeds

In honor of our upcoming Open House event (Thursday, October 26th, 2017) at our Roxborough location, we asked CJ Sapong to pop on our site as a special guest blogger. Read all about this Philly Union Star below, and learn about his amazing project, The Sacred Seeds. Then come and join us this Thursday and meet CJ in person! The event will have snacks and refreshments, raffles and prizes, tours of our new and improved shop, and most importantly, a special sale with proceeds benefitting The Sacred Seeds. RSVP HERE

My name is CJ Sapong. I was born on December 27th, 1988 to two Ghanian immigrants, Kofi and Gillian Sapong. I grew up immersed in culture with a yearning to be and represent more than myself. I have played professional soccer for 7 seasons now and have been fortunate enough to be part of championship teams in 2 of those seasons (Open Cup ’12) (MLS Cup 13’). I was named the MLS “Rookie of the Year” in my first ever professional season and have been recently nominated for the league’s “Humanitarian of the Year” award for 2017.

Playing soccer professionally has required higher levels of fitness and mental stability over my years. After many years of nagging injuries and increased stress from the sport, I was introduced to “floating” by my team’s fitness trainer (Kevin Miller) in 2015. I not only felt immediate benefits in mind and body, but also a sense of connection to my “spirit”. This “alignment”, introduced a whole new layer of reality for me and I found myself in heightened states of awareness and happiness regularly. Visualizations became more vivid and nagging injuries dissipated over time. The opportunity to unplug from the matrix and give my mind body and soul the tender, love, and care it deserves is my favorite part of floating!

Many of my float experiences led to new and creative ways to attain happiness and fulfillment. I’m thankful for all the “ah ha” moments that have come to fruition and led to the launching of my non-profit, Sacred Seeds Inc. at the beginning of this year! Through strategic partnerships with organizations committed to positive social and environmental impact, Sacred Seeds will provide infrastructure for urban agriculture, youth education, and food production with a specific commitment to social empowerment and the science of sustainability. While Sacred Seeds has a small global footprint, we possess a large global vision as we aspire to educate a generation of environmentally conscious “Sacred Scientists” who appreciate and understand the science of sustainability and its direct relationship to cultural diversity.

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