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Having trouble sleeping?

Do you find yourself having trouble getting to sleep? You’re not alone.

Many adults struggle falling asleep at night. Sleepless nights can result from stress, insomnia, shift work, and jet lag. These can throw your biological clock out of whack, which makes falling and staying asleep even more difficult. Though everyone's sleepless nights stem from a wide range of problems, many people looking to feel rejuvenated and to get back on schedule often turn to floatation therapy as their common solution.

Sleep deprivation leaves a feeling of grogginess throughout the day. Lack of sleep can also affect physical and mental health. The peaceful, stimulus-free environment in the float tank allows users to easily enter the sleep meditation state, Theta. This is the most relaxed a person can be without entering a deep sleep or transcendental meditation. Theta helps reset your body’s natural sleep schedule. Float therapy sessions help people fall asleep more effortlessly. Studies have shown that floatation (especially right before bed) can result in more consecutive nights of sound sleep.

Book an appointment to see how floatation can improve your sleep health.

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