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Injury Recovery

If you enjoy athletics and other physical activities, you are well aware of your risk of injury, muscle aches, and body pains. An increasing amount of athletes and professional trainers are making floatation therapy a part of their training regimen to speed healing, prevent injuries, and increase overall performance. NBA star, Steph Curry, and Olympic gymnast, Aly Raisman, along with many athletes report they use sensory deprivation to enhance their physical and mental performance.

Floating provides many benefits including relaxing the mind and body, which is important for those who are constantly physically active. The epsom salt and sensory deprivation tank allow you to disconnect from the stresses of athletic training and recharge your body after a tough workout.

Although injuries from contact sports are common, body pains can be a result of consistent workouts such as strength training, intense cardio, and weightlifting. Floating can soothe the body and relieve tension from aching muscles affecting your regular exercise routine. Floatation therapy can also shorten your recovery time frame allowing you to get back into your physical activity sooner. The zero-gravity environment helps improve blood circulation to the muscles and throughout the body. By adding floatation therapy to your self-care regimen, you can begin to speed injury recovery and refine your physical performance.

Halcyon Floats in Philadelphia caters to people who are looking for a way to naturally recover from the effects of living a physically active lifestyle. Our sensory deprivation tanks are filled with ten inches of body temperature water and 850 pounds of epsom salt that mentally and physically allows you to relax, recover and reset for your next activity.

Visit our Benefits page to learn more reasons why people use floatation therapy!

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