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April: Stress Awareness Month

Did you know April is Stress Awareness Month? Almost everyone has been in a situation that caused them to feel stressed and overwhelmed. These feelings are normal but leaving them unaddressed can cause one’s stress to develop into other issues. Stress statistics released in 2014 by The American Psychological Association report that 48% of Americans feel their stress has increased over the past 5 years. Americans are letting their stress build up rather than learning coping mechanisms to manage it. This allows stress to creep up and negatively impact one’s life in a number of ways.

The symptoms of stress can affect one’s physical health, mental health and behavior. The American Psychological Association reports that an average 75% of Americans experience at least one physical or psychological symptom due to stress. To help minimize these problems, the first step is becoming aware of the stressor. We know that’s easier said than done. Sometimes people don’t even realize that stress is affecting them because they are so focused on the stress trigger; disregarding their mental health. After awareness, the next step would be to find a relief solution that feels right. Whether it is a few deep breaths or floating, there is a relief method for everyone.

Floatation therapy puts you in a stimulus-free environment that frees your mind from the millions of messages it processes on a daily basis. Removing yourself from the commotion of everyday life allows for a deep level of relaxation that begins your stress relief process. While floating in the epsom salt solution, the ‘meditative’ state you drift into (theta) can reduce stress hormones in the brain. Many people use floatation therapy as a way of managing stress because floating provides a variety of relief benefits without much effort. While everyone has their own way of managing stress, floatation might be a new strategy to try.

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