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One Year Of Solitude

For a little over a year, I've been paid to encourage and assist people into solitude. To get completely naked (in every sense of the word) and be alone. The only promise I offer them is isolation.

It's incredibly fulfilling.

In such a short amount of time working at Halcyon Floats, I've seen such a shift in the way people view floating. From something that people looked at as some kind of novelty, to something people really understand can help them feel BETTER. It's made ME feel better.

The first night I was left in the shop on my own, I had one client. A younger woman, with very obvious apprehensions. After her float she was nearly unrecognizable from the woman signing the waiver an hour and a half earlier. It was the first time I'd really got what it meant to say someone was "glowing." That moment, I realized that this was something really important. I went from just thinking it would be cool to work at float center to have access to a tank to knowing that this was something I needed to put all my effort into. From that night on, I made it my mission to expose as many people to floating as I could possibly reach.

Every single time a new member of our float family tells me the relief floating gives them from whichever serious injury, ailment or condition they have, I want to work harder. I don't think this feeling is exclusive to me. I'm certain most people that open a float center have that same goal.

I've had some success. I've amassed a contact list of doctors, professional athletes and their trainers, members of the media, talented artists and musicians, people that could really help grow this movement. But, it's not enough.

As a community of float center owners, managers and employees, I think we are missing an opportunity to really work together. I see it getting competitive, which almost devalues what we are offering. If we all do our jobs and work toward a goal of making this accessible and recognizable to EVERYONE, not just in our area but everywhere, then there are plenty of opportunities to keep all of our tanks full.

Help each other out. Get to know each other. Share your successes. Give advice. We're stronger that way.

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