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Client Highlight: Featuring Monnique and Ben

In the spirit of Valentines Day, we thought it would be an awesome opportunity to do a Client highlight with one of our Floatiest Couples, Monnique and Ben, two skilled and passionate Wellness Practitioners from the neighborhood. We asked them to share their experiences with floating and they graciously delivered. Read all about their Float Practice below. <3

Couples Who Float Together: Approaching Wellness and Self-Care, Together

I first heard about Halcyon a few years ago. A friend shared information about floating and the benefits.

I was impressed and wanted to try it. I went alone the first time. I tended to push myself to do a lot, I

also have chronic pain issues from autoimmune pathologies. So, relaxing isn't always easy for me. I’m a bit

of an introvert, so going to new places alone can be outside my comfort zone. The experience was really

peaceful, it turned out to be just what I needed. Keri was lovely and made me feel at ease. I gladly

purchased a package, and returned several more times, with company, for about 6 months.

Flash forward to now, my partner an I own a local Therapeutic Massage, Bodywork and Reiki Practice.

We both work a lot. As practitioners of wellness, it’s important to "Walk the walk" meaning we can’t help

inspire others to do the same, if we don’t take care of ourselves. We now have standing bi-weelky float

date. We value this time together, and alone, while in our float sessions. We talk about our unique

experiences over dinner and enjoy feeling good in our bodies. Massage/Bodywork beats us up, it can be

very depleting without a recovery plan. As a Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor, my work can get very

intense, connecting with others emotional energy. Floating really helps me get in touch with and balance my

own emotions. It relaxes and soothes my tired hands, muscles and joints. And it calms my nervous

system and lessens my chronic pain. - Monnique

I saw a sign up deal on a facebook add and called to sign up for the membership, knowing it would make for great date nights with my then girlfriend.

I had floated once before at a place too far away with crappy showers -Halcyon is better.

We came every two weeks from the promotion and definitely felt the benefits of the salt and the deep relaxation. As soon as there was a premium membership offer I upgraded and now we come almost every week to float. Bodywork is amazing and I love my job - I often do long sessions with my clients - but it can be very taxing. My float is always exactly what I need! I sleep better that night and am mentally refreshed for myself, my partner and my clients.

I love the special form of active relaxation in a space suited for stillness and recovery.

I really appreciate the environment Keri has created and always look forward to my next float.

I strongly recommend CBD products before your float for deeper relaxation - (too much and you won't want to drive tho). Always proud to support a fellow local business. - Ben

If you are interested in incorporating some healing massage and Reiki into your self-care practice, check them out at HERE!


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