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Hi! I'm Keri!

I'm the owner of Halcyon Floats in Philly. In 2013 I was completely burned out and found floating on my desperate search for something to bring me back to life. I had neglected myself for so long and float therapy saved me. I decided to open my own float studio in Philly to help people who struggle with stress and anxiety management, chronic pain, sleep issues and more. It's been an awesome 7 years helping clients find healing and prioritize themselves.
Enter COVID-19.
The virus completely rocked my world. The financial hardship from the shutdown resulted in a permanent closure of one of my shops, which launched me into a pretty dark place mentally. And with limited access to my tanks, I found myself struggling to stay positive, or even functional, some days.
Until one day I looked in the mirror and recognized an old face. She was tired, defeated, and lonely. The last time I saw that face I did what I needed to do to help her, to take care of her. I would do it again, the best way I knew how, with the resources I had. I took time EVERY DAY to make sure my cup was full, and now I want to help you do the same.
_______Holiday HoursNorthern Liberties 1
As someone who has struggled with depression and burn-out, I cannot stress the importance of deep self-care enough. Now more than ever, as so many of us continue to stay home, or are perhaps working tirelessly on the frontlines, we have make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Obviously, now that my shop is open, and is an extra safe way to practice self-care, I know it's not an everyday option to most people. For whatever reason, many people may not have the access they need to this therapy. That makes me want to help even more.
_______Holiday HoursNorthern Liberties 1
That's why I decided to offer this quick reference Self-Care To-Do List for anyone who finds it difficult to incorporate healthy practices in self-care in their everyday life. 
I would love for you to grab this easy-reference tool, and use it. Make a promise to yourself to keep daily rituals in being-present and committing to self-care, everyday.



p.s. If you're ready to book a float, CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about our Covid Precautions CLICK HERE.

If you know someone who could use a float want to gift them a session, CLICK HERE.

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