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Little Baby's Ice Cream.

Philadelphia, PA // Ice Cream Geniuses
"The Tank: a dark void of heavily salinated water. The Floater: a being suddenly unhindered by movement or sensory distraction. The Consciousness: expanding infinitely beyond the floater’s physical form" -Little Baby's
"As frequent purveyors of odd, unfamiliar, and even alarming products, we have a heightened empathy and affinity towards other unusual enterprises. As readers of this web log are well aware, we thrill at the chance to combine our passion for Ice Cream with our cross-disciplinary pals in pursuit of our Babysian Ideals. Most recently, that pursuit has led us to cross paths with Halcyon Floats, Philadelphia's Premier/Premiere Float Spa and our neighbors on Girard Avenue! The good folks at Halcyon made us an offer we couldn't refuse: To put ourselves in the tank, let our imaginations float freely, and translate that experience into an original Ice Cream flavor! Now, the experience/ experiment has come to fruition! We are proud to present Altered States: an Ice Cream coflavoration with Halcyon Floats!"

Altered States: 

A "Float Inspired" Ice Cream Flavor.

  • The tank, a dark, thick, and salty home base, became a super-premium, Philadelphia Style, Salted Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.

  • The floater, a serene presence supported by the water, was reincarnated as a peppermint soft-serve.

  • The consciousness, an ephemeral, intangible presence, was manifested as a frozen blueberry whipped cream.

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