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Dion Lee.

Philadelphia, PA // Musician
"Composed of live digital audio clips and an assortment of music clips; an audio collage. My 'audio impression' of the floats... peeling the layers off.. getting down to the reason of floating." -Dion Lee
" I don't know about you, but I've been wanting to get into one of these things since hearing about them in college. The movie "Altered States" didn't help much either. So now I'm in this thing and I've got the earplugs in, I took the shower, I got the neck pillow on (not so sure about this floating thing!). Weird texture of the water. Damn, it's really not that much water! I'm guessing that I really wanted to get in here. I closed that door on myself, something fast and if I think about, I don't think that I thought about it! So cozy, I guess it doesn't matter if I open or close my eyes ... I don't see a thing! I can hear my heart beat ... I can feel my heart beat! I'm floating .... I think I fell asleep. Such a weird but cool thought. Sleeping in a tank of warm salty water floating. Think about it. Think about sleeping in the best bed you ever slept in, without a bed! You're just hanging there in space. So relaxed ... So relaxed that I had to crawl out of the tank. Need the shower to snap me out of it, not to mention getting the salt off of me (but the stuff feels and does great things for the skin!). Wow, can't wait for next week! Number two didn't go as well. I made the mistake of not eating enough. What's that you say? Nothing worse than laying in a tank of water in the dark and your stomach growls at you! And it wasn't going away .... always eat, but not too much. Number three, had it all down pat! Now I'm hooked."

Letting It All Leach Out Into The Mud: 

Toward A Halcyon State Of Mind.

An audio impression on floating by Dion Lee

Letting It All Leach Out Into The Mud:Toward An Halcyon State Of Mind - Dion Lee
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