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Clay Rossner.

Cape May County, NJ // Photographer
"Things can start very quick and sharp, but I know now anything can eventually be made smooth. Just at a time where I felt like this was it, I was shown a new way to live and relate to myself. " -Clay Rossner
Clay Rossner has been a dear friend of mine since high school, as well one the best photographers that I know. His work has etched it’s way onto the walls of the apartments I have lived, t-shirts that I’ve worn, album covers that I have cherished, and now into my place of employment. 
He seemed like the perfect fit for our artist exchange program, and after expressing interest, we here at Halcyon Floats happily awaited to see how the practice of floating could influence his creative process. What has been produced is a textural work of personal expression that fully encapsulates Clay’s journey pre and post float. I am honored to have him has a friend, and we here are honored to have his work grace the walls of our Northern Liberties shop.
- Chad 

This photo is the product of my experience of extreme anxiety and paranoia and coming out of it over the months of January till April of 2017. I have always been a person that experiences high anxiety, a worrier. Debilitating anxiety ebbs and flows through out my life more sharply than others. This past most recent experience was especially strong but I was able to recognize it. With multiple meditations through out the day, dietary supplements, acupuncture, and my time spent floating at Halcyon I was able to wrangle it faster than any time before. Going into my first float I was worried I would not be able to relax for that long but the staff and friends at Halcyon eased my mind. In turn I was able to step back and realize that what I was dealing with was just a nasty knot of emotions that I had to disconnect from myself. I learned to be patient with others, and myself especially. I learned that things take time, and the route we take is all the difference. Moments and memories formed through floating I can reflect back on now and know how that felt. Its a part of myself now that is calm and for that I am thankful.

See more of Clay's work on his website: 
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