Welcome to Float life!

Since you're new to floating, we usually suggest floating more frequently at first. For the most part, we find clients who kick-start their practice with weekly floats for 4-6 weeks, see the most results sooner in their practice. 

Realistically, your first 1-3 floats can be more of a process of getting use the the environment and learning to let go. 


Based on your answers, you don't seem to be struggling too much with sleep, pain, stress, etc. That's great! Floating is here to take you to a new level of awesome with an opportunity for self-exploration, improved focus and more! Generally, by your 6th float, you will most likely have a good grasp on how to float and the benefits you will experience with consistent practice.


Once you've gotten the hang of floating, how it effects you and how long the effects last, we suggest going with the flow of what feels right for you. That said, you can't go wrong adding monthly float sessions to your self care plans. Simply put, the more you float, the better you feel!

Thank you so much for taking our quiz!

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