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Inspired Brews Fermentary.

Philadelphia, PA // Kombucha Gurus
"We found ourselves experiencing tranquility, deeper sleep, extended focus and reduced inflammation after being suspended in (Epsom) salt water." - Inspired Brews
It's here!!! Floaty Fermented goodness from the amazing team of Inspired Brews has hit the shelves! Their team of 6 kombucha alchemists, spent almost 30 hours in the tank collectively, and have harnessed their post-float creativity resulting in the most unique kombucha flavor known to man! We present to you...*drum roll*...FLOAT AWAY! 16oz of bliss in a bottle!
The float inspired ingredients:
- Passion flower, for it's calming effects
- Blue Majik, with benefits that include deeper sleep, extended focus and reduced inflamation
- Sea Salt, electrolyte balance

Float Away: 

A "Float Inspired" Kombucha.

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